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Computation of mean, min, max, std for stats analysis, for each wavebands and each viewing angle.

NOTE: The statistics are performed on the 1st axis

Inputs :
  • data array [ndim0, ndim1] or [ndim0, ndim1, ndim2]
Outputs: dictionnary containing the following elements
  • ‘mean’ [ndim1] or [ndim1, ndim2]
  • ‘min’ [ndim1] or [ndim1, ndim2]
  • ‘max’ [ndim1] or [ndim1, ndim2]
  • ‘std’ [ndim1] or [ndim1, ndim2]
analysis.get_stats(ref, data)[source]

Returns statistics for the array passed in ( typically the output of process_brdf.compute() )

  • Computes the mean, std, min, max
  • Separate for land/ocean pixels
  • reflectance array [nlon, nlat, nlmbd] or [nlon, nlat, nlmbd, nang]
Outputs; dictionnary stats containing
  • ‘land’ and ‘ocean’ elements

  • each element contain the following keys
    • ‘mean’
    • ‘min’
    • ‘max’
    • ‘std’

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